Vlad Dracula also known as Vlad The Impaler is a hero and a Man of Peace, he protects his country and his People, Transylvania was a peaceful place until The Year 1476 when the turk scouts started to disapear, Vlad and his men found a helmet of a turk solider Vlad decided to find the turks and negotiate with them but unfortunately Vlad accidentally discovered a real live Vampire living at broken tooth mountain and Dracula was the only one who survived the attack so he retreated to his castle, later in the evening The Priest tells him about The Vampire who lived at that Mountain Vlad fears that this Vampire would terrorize his land as much as The Turks return he begged him to keep Vampire a secret, The Next Day The Turks came into his Castle and ordered 1,000 boys to join Memhed The Conquer's army, The following Day Vlad begged Memhed to grant him anything but Memhed betrayed Vlad and Told Him that he will have his 1,000 boys and his son, Vlad refused and killed 5 of Memhed's Men, Memhed grew angry and declared War on Transylvania so Vlad decided to go to Broken Tooth find the strength he needed to defeat the turks, Vlad tells The Master Vampire that He wants to become a Vampire to save his People and his family, The Master Vampire agreed but he warned him if he can resist 3 Days he will become Human again but if He feeds on Blood he would become a Vampire for all eternity, Vlad Drinks The Blood and became a Vampire, Vlad fought The Turks for 4 Days and won but unfortunately he resisted only for 2 Days and fed on his Wife who was dying, in The End Dracula stabbed Memhed with a Wooden Stake and Drank his Blood, Memhed Died and Vlad threw him on to the ground, Dracula became a Hero, Dracula still wanders The Earth Today in Modern Time.
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